Hi, I'm Jo the writer and creator of Flourish & Blotting - and yes, there is a Harry Potter reference in there somewhere.  Based in the UK, Liverpool to be precise, and established in October 2015.

I would describe myself as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, writing about makeup, fashion (sometimes!), interiors, bakery and anything in between.

Flourish & Blotting was also nominated and shortlisted for Best New Blog on the Block 2016 at The Bloggers Blog Awards.

Instagram featured in issue 15 of Blogosphere Magazine

5 Things About Me:
01. My favourite food is pizza.
02. I love my moggie, Knox. A lot. (Crazy cat lady alert!)
03. I am a compulsive tidier. I absolutely hate mess.
04. I'm a 70 year old granny living in a 33 year olds body. As in, I love Country File and loath youths who put their feet on the seats of buses.
05. I am a closet Disney nerd. Gotta love my girl Minnie.

You can read a bit more about me here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!